Traxxious was an infamous user of PSN, he was widely accused of racism and elitism. Traxxious no longer uses PSN as his account is permanently banned.


Traxxious has made levels such as hate levels which target other users, Traxxious has created a few platformer levels such as Lulzfest 1 and collaborated with Trolololololold to create a level for TSF.


Traxxious has trolled DeviantART in the past, however, he has confirmed that he does not troll under the name of "Traxxious" anymore.



Traxxious is permanently banned from PSN after posting obscene content.


Traxxious had led a clan called SpamTide, SpamTide later merged with TSFDGAF as Traxxious was a member of Team Supa Fine Doesn't Give A F**k, Traxxious was later removed from TSFDGAF. Soon, Traxxious will give his SpamTide ownership to a friend.